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How do we benefit?

Firms that achieve their sales targets or exceed sales expectations implement growth and expansion strategies. Regardless of whether this growth is controlled or unexpected, firms can make a sensible slur on their operational structures if they do not make the necessary planning in a very short time.

This cumbersome puts additional burden on the employees of the corporation, causes irregularities in the functioning of the firms and decreases the employee performance. When preparing their budgets, enterprises should plan new department installations in advance to support their growth strategies if they achieve their goals.

Retail Three Consultancy ensures the growth of your business with the establishment of the following departments specific for your company.


  • Product Management

  • Brand Management

  • Retailing

  • Foreign Stores Retailing

  • Import

  • Export

  • Retail Buying

  • Sales Departmant

  • Retail Inspection

  • Merchandising

  • Finance and Financial Affairs

  • Production

  • Quality

  • Design and Graphics

  • Visual Merchandising

  • Information Technologies

  • Planning

  • Reporting

  • Budget

  • Education

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