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Product Management

The aim of this training for retailers is to provide detailed information about Product Management to the stores and regional managers. To teach all sub-duties and responsibilities of Product Management including budget, product group formation, innovation, relevance, replenishment, purchasing, merchandising and visual merchandising.


Customer Management

Merchandising is the creation of an environment that satisfies the needs of customers. Merchandising starts before the customer enters, does not end with the customer leaving the store and continues with the services to be provided after the sale. Our training teaches you to provide excellent customer service for your store teams.


Area Manager Training

Our training has been prepared for Stores Regional Managers. All retailing topics are taught to regional managers in training. All candidates who are experienced or new in their career can participate in this training. Training takes place theoretically and practically.

Ders Odası

Time Management

This training teaches those who want to tackle time traps in their work and social life to show where they are mistaken and to answer the question how can I make better use of my time and to prevent them from recurring.


Basic Merchandising

This training is intended for store teams, store managers and regional managers.


The aim of the Basic Merchandising Training is to teach and acquire the basic knowledge of Merchandising in order to manage the retail business profitably.


Retail Analytics

The aim of this training is to teach basic store analytical procedures for store and district managers. With this training, reporting and analysis mathematics that store management may need is taught. Through this training, store management can generate the necessary practical reports and provide information flow to the top management or general directorate about the store.

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Sales Area Management

The aim of this training is to teach the retailing teams the effective use of the sales area within the store. Field Profitability is one of the most important sub-topics of education. At the end of the training, participants will learn how to manage the store sales area in the most efficient and profitable way.

Denim Pantolon Yığın

Stress Management

Stress can be a weight that threatens people on a physical and mental level, or an energizing force to cope with life. In this training, it is taught how the causes of stress confronted in business life can be turned from being a reducing force to a driving force.


Sales Management

Retail Three Consulting's Sales Management Training enables store sales teams to learn about sales management in a method based on customer and sales-oriented, productive behavior and collaboration. It also teaches the information necessary for new sales teams to quickly complete their shortcomings.

Antika dükkanı

Store Management Trainee

This training is a store manager and assistant manager training program. This training program can be customized according to the company. Candidates selected for the Executive Candidate training program are subjected to training and orientation. Candidates who are found eligible at the end of the training program are entitled to become store managers and begin their duties.


Stock Management

Stock Management Training teaches store teams the positive and negative effects of stock rates in stores. Store managers, store teams and store district managers can participate in this training.

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