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How do we benefit?

Companies that give and receive franchises need training, resources, support and a strong brand to invest. We help you to find out if your business has become a franchise or to test the reliability of the franchise brand. Then we continue to work with you to improve your infrastructure.

We help explain the rights, responsibilities, duties and obligations of both franchisee and franchisee in complex franchising issues. We know not only how to franchise a business, but also how to strengthen your franchise.


Retail Three to be partners of Turkey in the Netherlands & Turkey Chamber of Consulting and local business information in a variety of international markets due to make broad partnerships with European, Global Franchise precise market research more effectively for the network's customers and makes it possible to present the current business opportunities.

Retail Three Consulting helps customers build a franchise strategy based on what they find most attractive in brand, culture and business models to achieve the uniqueness and goals of their situation.

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