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Campaign Management

How do we benefit?

Mobile devices and social media are growing day by day with increasing accounts. In fact, 3.2 billion people in the world have become social media users. This rise is now pushing customers to wait for personalized communication, in other words delivering personalized shopping experiences through a channel of the customer's choice.

Campaign Management is absolutely essential in today's retail industry, but then it can build meaningful relationships with its customers, develop relationships with them, build brand loyalty and compete in today's market. And only then can he send him the right message from the right channel at the right time.

The most important benefits of campaign management for retailers are;

  • Can rethink product options according to customer preference,

  • From planning to targeted sales, they can offer their customers a great Omni channel experience,

  • Retailers can access and analyze data in all their systems,

  • Understand who their customers really are and how they shop,

  • Getting to know customers can help retailers design and implement campaigns that affect their shopping behavior,

  • This allows retailers to respond in real time, which takes a long time to increase customer satisfaction.

  • Planning and forecasting through channels, customers, products and inventory,

  • Reduces delivery time - weeks of work can be done in a few hours,

  • They can personalize their interaction with their customers, which, as everyone knows, is the most effective way to communicate with customers,

  • Retailers can expand their reach and reach and target a wider potential customer,

  • Allows retailers to monitor and manage all channels, including social media, so they know when to respond to customers and when to participate in chats,

  • Retailers can automate email campaigns - the right messages can be sent to the right people at the right time,

As a result, a retailer can only succeed if he offers his customers personalized shopping experiences by characterizing them through the channels the customer chooses. And an effective campaign management tool is the key to achieving it. Effective strategies supported by data turn into extraordinary successes.

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