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Store and Main Office Team Selection

How do we benefit?

Success is a shared experience, Retail Three Consulting solutions within the scope of projects undertaken by recruitment firms that partner up to start-up companies in the global retail chains across Turkey and Europe are helping you meet your needs member team of experts at all levels.

Our extensive relationships with retail professional who is also Turkey and Europe through retailers, we help to advance their careers.

We prepare the orientation programs of your store and head office teams for the retail sector before starting work and complete their training.

Positions we support for Store and Headquarters Teams:

  • Regional Director / Area Manager

  • Store Manager

  • Assistant Store Manager

  • Department Manager

  • Store Cash Point Executive

  • Visiul Merchandiser

  • Cashier Chief / Staff

  • Sales Specialist

  • Sales Consultant

  • Warehouse Responsible

  • Stores Coordinator

  • Visual Group Manager

  • Brand Manager

  • Product Manager

  • Product Executive

  • Product Specialist

  • Merchandiser

  • Buyer

  • E-Commerce Manager

  • E-Commerce Specialist

  • Overseas Stores Director

  • Sales Manager

  • Sales Executive

  • Planning Manager

  • Planning Specialist

  • RPT and Allocation Manager

  • Stores Inspector

  • IT Manager

  • Logistics Manager

  • Warehouse Manager

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