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Retail Merchandising

How do we benefit?

Merchandising is the art of directing products to people. Retail Three Consulting applies its own ICA (Interactive Correct Actions) method in merchandising.

For years, merchandising has been defined as the right product, the right price, the right time, the right quantity and the right location in retailing and is also called 5P Merchandising or 5P Marketing.

Although the above general definition of merchandising is presumed to be a valid definition, it is not, in our view, a sufficient strategy in today's conditions. Digitalization, the spread of information technologies, the increasing number of virtual reality and virtual environments, the increasing interest of the growing population in customizable products and the  Usable Applications of Artificial Intelligence technology 5.0 is an indication of the inadequacy of following the classic definition of merchandising as a strategy. 

You can benefit from our Merchandising consultancy to strategically plan every aspect of your brand or store operations.

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