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How do we benefit?

Procedures allow your company to know what is expected of employees and what to expect from the company. In addition, procedures will inform employees about the various benefits and programs your company offers. It also helps prevent misunderstandings, complaints and job dissatisfaction, often caused by a lack of staff understanding and outreach policies. Procedures provide guidance for employees in all situations.

It also ensures the proper and equal management of company programs. Ensuring that all employees are aware of your company encourages open communication through procedures and improves employee morale. The functioning of the procedure provides a means of ensuring that all employees are treated equally and promotes high levels of job satisfaction and productivity.

The procedure for Retail Three Consulting is tailored to suit the culture of each customer's organization.


  • Relations with Ex-Employees

  • Company Car Use

  • Confidentiality of Info. in Online Modules

  • Secret Information

  • Communication with Media

  • In-Company Gift Acceptance

  • Recruitment of Relatives

  • Ethical Values

  • Leaving Job Interview

  • Fingerprint Reading

  • Guest Welcome

  • Information Technologies Regulation

  • Permit Applications

  • Leaving Work

  • Disease Permit Paper

  • Head Office Parking Use

  • 3/4.5G Using a Modem

  • Monthly Studies

  • Paid / Free Permission

  • Private Phone Calls

  • Public Holidays

  • Warning Regulation

  • Contacts Application

  • Resignation

  • Sick leave

  • Staff Discount Cards

  • Stores Promotion Procedure

  • Stores Training Procedure

  • Stores Transfer Procedure

  • Domestic Travel Procedure

  • Use of Company Mobile Phones

  • Use of Personal Cell Phones

  • Work accident

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