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How do we benefit?

Our Inventory Management offer will provide an invaluable insight into your current inventory situation and how effectively it is used. One of the tools we use is SKU Analysis, which enables us to generate important recommendations for inventory management. Our approach enables your merchandising team to understand and manage your inventory status more effectively.

The proliferation of SKUs and reports generated by most stock management systems can create confusion. Let your team learn new ways to manage your inventory more effectively. We can analyze your inventory status and communicate our findings with innovative graphs in a deeper, better understood and more useful way for your team. We can help you increase your inventory management effectiveness.

Our Inventory Management Consultancy includes the following headings;

  • Sales Performance Analysis,

  • Margin Performance Analysis,

  • Stocks at Hand vs. Sales / Margin

  • Product Life Cycle,

  • Product Variety and Width,

  • Category Performance,

  • Color Scale Analysis,

  • Body Scale Analysis,

  • Allocation Analysis,

  • End of Term (Terminal) Stock Analysis,

  • RPT Order Analysis.

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