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Wrap Inspections

How do we benefit?

WRAP is an independent, non-profit organization focused on promoting and documenting legal, human and ethical production worldwide. Responsible means accredited production principles.

It was established in order to examine the compliance of the footwear and clothing industries with local laws and ethical requirements and internationally accepted laws. Founded in 2000, WRAP is the world's largest labor and environmental certification program in the production and manufacture of labor-intensive consumer products.

Benefits of Wrap

  • You save time - Increasing the liaison between management in the supply ring business stages improves employee performance. In this way, the work will be done in a short time to save time.

  • You gain an advantage in the competitive environment - Under improved operational conditions, you will lead the way with a highly motivated workforce and highly productive products.

  • You save money - repairs are reduced and productivity increases.

  • You prove your social cohesion - Assists stakeholders in terms of working conditions, safety, pay and company quality.

  • Minimizes the dangers you may experience - Reliable working conditions, brand reputation, corporate reliability and the risk of accidents and damage to employees can be eliminated.

  • About the Wrap Certificate - As a consultancy we offer various consultancy services. In this context, to get more information about the Wrap certificate, you can always contact our experienced team as a consulting organization.

Buying Process

  • Application - First, the manufacturing organization contacts WRAP to request an examination and submits the application form and fee that it has completed to initiate the certification phase.

  • Self-Inspection - Following the steps outlined in the WRAP, the entity must adopt generally accepted workplace standards, regional laws and workplace laws across countries, and ensure that these regulations are implemented at least 45 days (not less than 90 days for new applicants). proves.

  • Monitoring - In the subsequent process, the entity identifies and communicates with an inspection body that can accredit WRAP for review. Reports and recommendations are forwarded to both the enterprise and WRAP.

  • Assessment - WRAP employee informs our center that the organization has to correct certain criteria and that our supervisory team needs to carry out an additional examination, and our consulting organization communicates or makes recommendations to the factory.

  • Submission of Certificate - The certification body analyzes staff recommendations, including the report of the supervisory team, and casts the vote whether or not the certificate is issued.

  • About the Wrap certificate - As a consulting organization, we have a team of Dutch-based supervisors accrediting WRAP in the major countries offering business. We can support certificate recommendations and provide consistent monitoring and reports. We will guide your organization throughout the process.

12 Principles of Wrap

  • Environment

  • Safety

  • Customs compliance

  • Working hours

  • Safety and health

  • Benefits and compensation

  • Prevention of discrimination

  • Preventing forced labor

  • Compliance with laws and workplace laws

  • Collective bargaining and freedom of association

  • Preventing children from working

  • Prevention of harassment or ill-treatment

Documentation of WRAP

  • Silver (Six Months) Certification - Awarded for identification of deficiencies that do not affect application.

  • Gold (One Year) Certification - Your organization declares that it complies with the entire compliance program for the first year. Gold certification is the standard WRAP certification level awarded to facilities that fully comply with Wrap's 12 principles.

  • Platin (Two-Year) Certification - Certification of the organization for the next three years. Platinum certificates are awarded to facilities that have fully complied with Wrap's 12 principles in 3 consecutive certification reviews. The platinum certification is issued with the successful completion of each audit of the facilities and must maintain its certification continuously during the certification periods.

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